Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7

Whew! Catch Up On Reviews Week was hard work, wasn’t it? It was for me, anyway. So how about something easy this week? Let’s have Photos Week.

1. Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos: Most of you are book bloggers, so you may want to post photos of your favorite reading spot, your TBR pile(s), your local book store, your favorite librarian, your child reading, etc. You may want to post several photos of a certain topic (like all nine of your kids reading!) or a mixed bag of photos that are unrelated except that they’re bookish. Or you may want to post just one photo, it’s up to you. If you have a different type of blog, post photos of whatever you think is suitable.

2. Create a post of your photos.

3. Don’t forget! Also link in your post to another participant’s WG photo post. Weekly Geeks is a community thing, remember! If you’re one of the first finished, of course, you may have to add your link later. See if you can find someone you don’t normally read to link to.

4. Once your post is up, come back and leave a link to that specific post (not just your regular blog url) in the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post.

Note: On June 28th, there will be no regular Weekly Geeks because the Read-a-thon will be held that day, and unfortunately, I’m not made out of magic, so I won’t be able to do both in the same day. I thought about trying, so that I could be sneaky and try to get the Read-a-thon participants interested in WG and the WG participants interested in the Read-a-thon, but I decided that was insane thinking and I should stop it right away. I also thought the people who already participate in both (who are also unfortunately not made out of magic) would send ninja assassins after me. If you want an activity you can consider your WG theme that Saturday, it’d be great if you’d go around and visit as many of the Readers as possible and encourage them.

So I decided to do this challenge I guess you could consider this is the first challenge I have completed. So I should explain some of the pics.

I am usually sitting in a computer chair reading. If you don't see me in the computer chair reading I am lying down on the bed. Other places I read are bookstores cafes.

These two picks are what it looks like when I try to read lying on the bed. My little dog Smokey always wants attention so she usually jumps on the book. Although she doesn't usually look as sad or tired as she does in the picture. She just had surgery and we found out she has cancer. She is about 13 years old so no young pup anymore although she acts like one. I do love her lots though. She stayed on the book after this picture because I was giving her attention which she loves. We also have her sister Nala from the same litter.

Here is my TBR pile or part of it a lot of books I read stay in the bookstore because I work in a bookstore so I am there a lot. The other half of my books come from yard sales and paperback swap.

I am real new to the book blogging community so I hope what I doing is right. I am still learning about challenges and stuff.

Links to visit from Weekly Geeks: Chris at The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of has a huge to be read pile. I thought I had a lot with 11 to read. Good Luck with it!

I also enjoyed Alessandra blog Out of the Blue. Never thought of color coordinating my books now I want to.

Another one to check out is Heather's blog is A Year of Books. Disney pics I love Disney. I have been twice and don't only want to go back but need to go back


Shelley said...

What a comfy looking computer chair. Smokey is very cute, I am sorry to hear about the cancer. How wonderful to work in a bookstore, I think I would like that!

Dewey said...

Aw, poor Smokey. I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hugs for Smokey! and I like that you shared how you usually get your books. Do you get a good discount at the bookstore - we have a nearby Borders opening soon and I've been thinking about inquiring abt employment... Welcome to the GEEKS!