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Monday, June 9, 2008

Claudia and the Sad Good-bye (Babysitters Club #26) by Ann M. Martin

In this book Claudia's grandmother Mimi is sick. She has became forget forgetful and does some strange things. Just as things get stranger Mimi gets sick and does die. Throughout the book is how Claudia deals with Mimi being sick and dying.

This is first Baby Sitters Club book that I have ever read. I didn't read them when I was a teen but they were around. I wasn't expecting much but what I was very good. I am more then a little surprised. The characters are smart and clever. The story was very realistic. What especially sticks with me is the description of her Grandmother looking so frail and vulnerable in the hospital. If any one has had a grandparent in hospital they could definitely relate to this book. The way it dealt with Claudia's feeling about death was very real. I wish I had read this book when I was younger and had to deal with the first death of my family maybe i would have understood more of what I was going through.

You probably wondering why I picked this book as the first one to read. Well it all has do with a site called Brotherhood 2.0 Author John Green and his brother Hank Green did a vlog for a year only communicating by vlogging. It is a funny and entertaining vlog. This was done last year of course and they still vlog at the Nerdfighters Site. The babysitter book was mentioned as a little joke that John might title his book Claudia and the Sad Good-Bye. This was before he named the new book Paper Towns due out in Oct 2008. I might read more Nerdfighter like books later.

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