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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sanctuary by Beverly and David Lewis

Melissa is recently married to her wonderful husband Ryan. Suddenly after a brief encounter with someone from her secretive past she leaves her husband and hides herself in an Amish settlement. Her husband's world is turned upside down with his wife missing. It sounds pretty predictable but for me it wasn't. There where some twists thrown in there. It starts off exciting and pretty much stays thrilling.

Another Amish fiction. Yeah I am on a Amish kick. Maybe I should start a challenge? Beverly Lewis is probably best know for her Amish series The Heritage of Lancaster County. Unlike her fellow Christian author Wanda E. Brunstetter she doesn't romanticize the Amish she adds mystery and psychological thrills. She also wrote this with her husband David. I don't if that is what made this one different for me because I have read other books by her and sometimes they fizzle out.

So what can say if I wanted you read this book? I like this book because lately I am looking for religion and these books have that. Just a little but it added in a smart way, in a real way. Where when you read the different situations the characters are going through you understand because you can add them into your own life. I like that.

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