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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury

Connor and Michelle have a seemingly perfect marriage but Connor is hiding a secret. Unknowing to him he secret is about to come out all because of a little boy, his little boy. A book about forgiveness and how forgiving can lead to love.

My Thoughts:
I have to say this book was only okay. It started off good. Some good characters and some interesting life changing experiences to deal with. Probably one of my favorite characters was the little boy named Max. He was sweet, innocent and just plain adorable. You can probably guess how the book ended and I am not saying it was a bad ending I mean it ended the way I wanted it to end. It just that near the middle I got bored and it just wasn't as interesting a read as it was in the beginning. Saying that though I would give the author another shot some day.

About the Author:
Karen Kingsbury is a Christian Fiction author. She has written many books some have won awards. Like this one, Oceans Apart. (could've of surprised me) Her books have also made the New York Times Bestseller list and three of her books are going to be made into movies coming soon. If you like to you can visit her at


bookinhand said...

Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors; although, I have never read this particular book. I will add it to my tbr list in the future. Try Kingsbury again and see what you think! Diane

Confuzzled Books said...

Yeah I would like to try her again. We will see. I didn't hate the book.