Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Shannon's Review - Unchosen by Katharyn Blair

Title: Unchosen
Series: Not at the moment
Author: Katharyn Blair
Illustrator/Book Cover Design: Chris Slabber and Molly Fehr
Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Received: Free For Honest Review
Release Date: January 2021
Pages: 416

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Charlotte and her two sisters have survived the virus that has spread throughout the world. There is a mythology about the chosen one who will save the world. The chosen one happens to be Charlotte’s younger sister. Her older sister is the leader of their compound who fights the infected. Charlotte feels average but fights for her life not to be.

I enjoyed this from the very beginning. The character Charlotte is very relatable. She will do whatever she can for her family even if that means being cannon fodder for them. The facts we learn about the virus and how it affects people was interesting and different from anything I had seen before. The different levels of infection made a good creepy atmosphere.

Charlotte was sometimes very whiney. She very much had the “Jan Brady Complex” going for her which isn’t flattering. I tried to chalk it up to she is a teenager and dealing with life the way it was for her...so she was allowed some whining. If it were me as a character I bet I would have whined more.

I enjoyed the story and at times reminded me of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The writing was very easy to jump into, and I feel I will be reading more from the author, Katharyn Blair.

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