Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shannon's Review - Age Of The Aura - Phase I: Champions Of Power by Samuel Odunsi Jr.

Title: Age Of The Aura: Phase I: Champions Of Power
Series: Age Of The Aura
Author: Samuel Odunsi Jr.
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Received:  From Author For Review
Release Date: June 2012
Pages: ebook

Shannon’s  Thoughts:

Age Of The Aura: Phase I: Champions of Power is a science fiction taking place in many worlds that are connected by Aura.  The Aura surrounds the planets and is thought to protect the world and it’s people.  At least that is what it was thought to do but now it seems the Aura has different plans for itself.   Mysterious deaths and lightening storms that all lead to the Aura turning towards it’s people it was suppose to protect.

I have to say I never thought of Aura surrounding planets.  I know of people who say in real life that Auras surround a person and that it changes color during mood.  I enjoyed the Age Of The Aura and found it a science fiction that was not too complicated to follow which is usually the problem I have with science fiction.

Having said that I liked the story the only thing that confused me was thinking of Auras not on people but on planets.  It made me curious to know if the Aura (in this series) was also surrounding it’s people.

I am curious what will happen to the characters introduced.  It was a nice change of pace as I do not read much science fiction but I find I like the genre more than I thought.  This a good introduction to the sci fi genre for anyone.


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