Monday, January 11, 2021

Celebrate Every Day With Books - Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Celebrate Every Day With Books 

It seems like everyday has some new theme to celebrate so I thought it might be fun to see what kind of interesting books I can find (new, old, or coming soon) for an everyday holiday. Most days have more than one holiday!





“National Human Trafficking Awareness Day raises awareness about human trafficking and sexual slavery around the world and has the goal of ending slavery, giving people back their rights, and making the world a safer place for everyone to live. On June 22, 2007, the United States Senate designated January 11 as National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness, in an effort to raise awareness of and opposition to human trafficking. The Senate designated the day with the passing of a resolution but the House of Representatives never passed it, so it never became law..” (from

So that you know, I have not read most of these. The ones I pick seem the most interesting and would like to read. You can probably find tons more books for each holiday but I am only going to pick two books for one holiday a day. 

Let me know what you think. Do any of them seem interesting to you? Is there another book you think would be a better choice?

Title: Across The Deep by Lisa McGuinness

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Action/Adventure

What It Is About?: “Raised in Thailand and brought to the United States against her will, quiet and intelligent Suda is hiding from a sex trafficking ring and the man she believed was on her side. Claire, admired as bright and beautiful in high school, now hides her striking looks and wears her sharp wit as a protective shield. Determined to show Suda and Claire a path that allows for a life of their own, Simone, the safe house operator, offers them a haven and a healing path to the future.” ( From

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Title: Not For Sale by David Batstone

Genre: Non-Fiction, History, Social Issues

What It Is About?: “Today, the human trafficking trade generates $31 billion annually and enslaves 27 million people around the globe, half of which are children under the age of 18. In this book, David Batstone profiles the new generation of abolitionists who are leading the struggle to end this appalling epidemic.” (from

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