Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Shannon's Review - Songs Of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford

Title: Songs Of Willow Frost
Series: None
Author: Jamie Ford
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Asian Fiction
Publisher: Ballentine Books
Received: Paperback swap
Release Date: September 2013
Pages: 352

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

An orphan Asian boy named William tries to find his real mother while living in an orphanage. Thinking his mother died he sees a woman resembling her in a movie. His mother who goes by Willow Frost has begun a new life without William, and because of Willow’s past may be living arrangements are best how they are.

I read this for a local book club and even though it was not something I would normally pick I enjoyed it. I liked reading about William and also reading about his mother’s side of the story. In some ways, it reminded me of an early V.C. Andrews story. There is so much sadness and unresolved tragic pasts.

My book club thought that the title did not really fit the story and I do agree. It should have been The Tragedy of Willow Frost or something more melodically.

The mother’s past was unfortunate and had me fully absorbed in the story. I felt so bad for both characters. They had both lost so much and deserved more good times then they had had. I think those who like Asian fiction, and those interested in the time period of the 1920s thru the 1930’s will be enthralled.

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