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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Shannon's Review - The 53rd Card by Virginia Weiss

Title: The 53rd Card
Series: N/A
Author: Virginia Weiss
Genre: Fiction, Literature, Fantasy
Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
Received: From Netgalley For Honest Review
Release Date: October 2017
Pages: 512

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Emma Addison has been through a lot in life. Her older brother died when she was young and she felt somewhat responsible for the death. Her parents die soon after. She is left with an aunt who does not like her and an uncle who likes her “too much”.  Running from that bad situation to an eventual grown-up life with a job, a boyfriend, and surrogate parents. Eventually that all falls away too. So Emma turns to the supernatural and inadvertently summons the devil. Whether what Emma sees next may be real or may not be but it sure is interesting.

The cover and the summary for this book drew me in.  I was raised Catholic but have questions about religion. I, like Emma, have found interest in many ideas from all religions intriguing. So many things that Emma goes through mirror some of my life in ways I can not explain.  As weird as it sounds I feel like this book was meant for me. Even though this is a fictional book with fictional characters that tie in our reality with many religions and myths it just seems feasible.
The book is fast paced and sometimes scary.  At least to me. As I begrudgingly read the end, I was okay with how it did end.

I would not change anything in this book.  I do submit a warning for Christians who feel strongly in their beliefs and do not like to question them.  This book may not be for you. If you have an open mind, give it a shot but just warning you.

I have looked all over the web for more by author Virginia Weiss.  Alas, I can not find her or any more works. Just throwing this out there but Miss Weiss if you read this I would like an interview for Confuzzled Books Blog. Eager to see more of your writing.

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