Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Shannon's Review - Dream Robbers by R.C. Scott

Title: Dream Robbers
Series: Nature Elves #1
Author: R.C. Scott
Genre: Fiction, Juvenile, Fantasy
Publisher: Omega Star Publishing
Received: Purchased
Release Date: 2011
Pages: (Ebook)

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

A group of 12 young elves go on a quest to find out why the stream that carries their dreams is no longer flowing. They gain strength from each and learn to trust their instincts as they battle for the return of their dreams.

There are definitely some cute moments. Whenever I read that the young elves giggled I kinda giggled inside as well. Some of the elves were so young and playful and some were not. What kept my attention was when the elves would get stuck in the magical curses and their personality would change. I rooted for them to make it through the quest.  When they started forgetting why they were on the quest I felt dread that the may not ever remember why and would be stuck there forever.

On the other side, 12 elves are a lot of characters to get to know. Especially in the beginning.  It was like when you go to a party of 10 or 12 people and host introduces you to each person saying their name. You know you are not going to remember all their names. I had to kinda push through that to get to the story, which made chapter one a little hard to get through.  I also did catch a few typos and for me catch them is kinda bad because if you have read my other reviews you would see I am not great at editing myself.

Eventually, I did enjoy the story as it went on.   There were a few characters that I wish more time was spent on how they made it back to the group in the end.  For example, Devlari, so much time was spent on her attitude and feelings. She then gets lost. I wanted to see more resolve there and with Boomer as well. I don’t know if the series goes into the things I mentioned but it would be nice. Bottom line I would read the next book in the series it is definitely the type subject I like reading. Elves, Fairies, Dwarves...all good thing to have in a fantasy story.


Beth Niquette said...

I LOVED your review! Thank you! :D

Confuzzled Shannon said...

Thank You! And Thanks so much for commenting it makes my day :)