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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Shannon's Review - Thérèse Makes a Tapestry by Alexandra S. D. Hinrichs

Title: Thérèse Makes a Tapestry
Series: N/A
Author: Alexandra S.D. Hinrichs
Genre:  Fiction, Childrens, Picture Book,
Publisher: Getty Publications
Received: From Publisher/Author For Review
Release Date: March 2016
Pages: 40

Author Official Alexandra S.D. Hinrichs’s Websites:





Shannon’s Thoughts:

Therese lives with a family of artists in 17th century France.  Her brother are tapestry weavers and painters. Her father is a painter for King Louis the XVI. Her father gives her a painting as gift and she loves it so much she wants to give him something just as meaningful.  She decides she wants to create a tapestry of the painting to give him. This is unusual because girls do not make tapestries only the men do.  Her mother encourages her to make it as her brothers scoff her.

The illustrations are beautiful and capture the beauty of the time.  I love the fact that Therese is doing something that girls or women do not normally do and does better than others expected. So well that even the King is in awe.

This is usually where I list what I did not like about the book. To be honest there is nothing I can think of in general but I do not feel the that the book is 5 stars for me.  I mean the art is lovely, the writing is okay and together you feel like you are learning from both. I feel this is for children a little older than a 2 or 3 year old. While it is a interesting story I am not sure some toddlers are going to follow the story and stay interested.

Again the writing and illustration together really did fit well.  If only all picture books could find perfect partnerships of writer and artist.

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