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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Shannon's Review - Forever by Pete Hamill

Title: Forever
Series: N/A
Author: Pete Hamill
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Received: Paperback Swap
Release Date: Nov 2003
Pages: 613

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Cormac, a young irish boy, grows up in the 1800’s in Ireland.  He must cope with living in two different world one as a Christian hiding his other world, or true self which is true pagan Irishman. This book follow Cormac’s epic life first in Ireland and later to America following a duke because of a pact he made to his family.  Cormac makes a life in New York as he plans his revenge on the duke. His life is almost taken as he enacts part of his revenge. He instead is infused with immortality that only stays with him as he is within the area of Manhattan.  As Cormac lives his life through history we see and learn about facts we may have never thought of happening in the U.S.

This book was pleasantly not what I expected. To me there was a lot of heart in the description in the regions that Cormac lived in and in the way he viewed thing. Many of the things that happen over years, such as slavery, wars, and rise of New York City as we know it, were explained in a way I never really thought of.

In many other reviews people did not like how long the intro to Cormac life growing up in Ireland was or how quickly time past in New York, especially once you were starting to like a character and then they would be gone.  To me these were the things I liked. I loved the way Cormac’s life started in Ireland.  It reminded me of my visit to Ireland although Cormac was there much earlier in time. When he was in New York as time past and he met friends, lovers and learned different trades he lived life. Sometimes life was boring, sometimes it was more interesting and sometimes he stayed distant to people because well he was immortal.  They were going to eventually pass and he was not.

Some of the blurbs say this book is as good as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. That is high praise.  I understand the comparison and it is a good book, very good book but maybe not as good as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I would recommend this book as one your going to want to reread and hope for sequels.  

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