Monday, December 5, 2016

Mumbling Mondays - E-book vs Print Book

I have had such a hard time writing this.  I think mostly because my choice for which is better should probably be e-books over print book.  I know how much it saves trees but if we didn't have print books...I mean if in the future all we had was e-books, I probably would not read.  

Below is a Pros/Con list on e-books vs. print books.

As you can see I have come up with a tie.  I am sure there is more things I have not thought of.  If you think of anything please comment below.

As I said up top I do not know if I could go printless with books.  I have grown up with print books and just the feel of a book in your hand makes a lot of difference for a reader or at least me a reader. 

What book format do you like read?

Next Time : Long Chapters vs. Short Chapters

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