Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sketchy Saturday - Babe And Truman

Sketchy Saturday

On Sketchy saturdays I plan on drawing something inspired from a current book I may be reading.  Feel free to join in and share a link of your own work as well. :-)

(Truman Capote and Babe Paley by S.M. McGee)

Right now I am in the middle of The Swans Of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin.   It is historical fiction featuring people that truly existed and events that for the most part may have happen.  This piece of fan art I have drawn socialite Babe Paley with close friend and author Truman Capote.   This is actually a scene from the book as Truman lays his head in Babe’s lap just comforting and being their true selves with each other. This image  just stood out to me because there was so many feelings happening at once. It just rang true.  

If you would like see more about The Swans Of Fifth Avenue check out Melanie Benjamin’s Official Site.


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