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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Shannon's Review - Nursing A Grudge by Diana Orgain


Title: Nursing A Grudge
Series: A Maternal Instincts Mystery #4
Author: Diana Orgain
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Inc.
Received:  Purchased
Release Date: October 2013
Pages: 230


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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Kate Connelly, a new mother and a  private investigator in training,  gets a mysterious case from a friend. This only being her 4th case and she is still learning with the help of an official P.I./ ex-cop.
As she looks for a killer she has to watch her step or she will be the next in a growing pile of bodies.

This series by author Diana Orgain is the first cozy mysteries I have ever read.  I did not even know cozy mysterious were exactly what they were called but yet cozy was what I immediately felt with them.  This is a book you just want to curl up with some tea or cocoa and read until there is no tomorrow.  The characters well defined.  I never get confused at who is who, like other mysteries I have read and I am always cheering for the good guys.

There is not much wrong with the series or this book.  One thing I was not happy about was that our apprentice in investigating reacted as if this were her first case and not 4th.  There were things I swear she had done in previous books but she seemed to have forgotten.

I love the series.  I hope it continues and I have found other mysteries written by Mrs. Orgain that I hope to get too soon.


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