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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shannon's Review - Sweet Breath Of Knowing by Theresa May Evie


Title: Sweet Breath Of Knowing
Series: N/A
Author: Theresa May Evie
Genre: Poetry, Religious Inspiration, New Age
Publisher: Outskirt Press
Received: from author for review
Release Date: March 2009
Pages: 252

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

The Sweet Breath Of Knowing is written like poetry but it’s content is about spirit and knowledge.  It is especially about the connection of spirit and knowledge during the different times of my, or your life.

Author Theresa May Evie writes this book as a guide to the light and love within the human body.  Hoping to stir the goodness within that as an adult may have been lost.  So the book is written with good intentions for the people of earth.

Trying to create or write something that sends good vibes and feeling the spirit of love is all well and good and I give Ms. Evie credit for that.   The only thing is the way it is written is way over the top and difficult to understand.   This deeply thought out book that is spaced into 252 pages is actually half that and wastes a lot of paper.  

Good intentions or not this book is not, in my opinion, worth the read.  There are just books out that are easier to understand then this about similar subjects.


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