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Monday, September 1, 2014

Shannon's Review - Sipping From The Nile by Jean Naggar


Title: Sipping From The Nile
Series: N/A
Author: Jean Naggar
Genre: Memior, Biography, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Amazon Encore
Received: From Author For Review
Release Date: Feb 2012
Pages: 388

Jean Naggar’’s Official Websites:

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Shannon’s Thoughts:

Sipping From The Nile, is a memoir of the author, Jean Naggar, life in Egypt growing up in 1950’s. Even though she lived a more privileged life than most at the time, she still had her own ups and downs.  

One thing I could relate with Mrs. Naggar is growing up with tight family bonds and then as you grow the family separates whether it be to separate homes or countries.

Other than the tight knit families I had a hard time keeping myself interested in the story.  The story reminded me of times when my grandmother, aunts and mother would sit around the table and gabbed about slightly interesting but also trivial gossip. I know the author described some tragedy and disappointments but I just could not completely dive into the book.

 Sipping From The Nile is probably much more interesting to her family (such as grandkids).  Helping the young ones see what it took for Jean Naggar to get the family where they are now.


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