Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shannon's Review - Anne Of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


Title: Anne Of Green Gables
Series: Anne Of Green Gables #1
Author: L.M. Montgomery
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Puffin
Received: Purchased
Release Date: 1908
Pages: 369


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L.M. Montgomery Institute

Shannon’s Thoughts:

When siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert decide they need help on the farm they decide to adopt a boy to bring some youth and strength to help them.  As Matthew makes his way to pick up the orphaned boy at the train station he finds that the orphanage made a mistake and sent a girl. Not just any girl but redheaded,and dramatic Anne Shirley.  Anne is a dreamer, a free spirit and full of exuberance.  Matthew and Marilla end up falling in love with and Anne even if she is drawn to trouble.   

Anne Of Green Gables is the first book in a series written by Lucy Maude Montgomery  (L.M. Montgomery).  When I was growing up the t.v. channel PBS made this series of books into movies.  I knew of them but only caught bits and pieces here and there.  I hear they are excellent and hope to one day catch them.  Not only had I not seen the movies but I had never read the books.  Anne Of Green Gables was completely new to me. I loved Anne Shirley and her friend Diana.  They were such dreamers and so passionate about life and it’s beauties.

If I had to pinpoint anything I disliked about Anne Of Green Gables it would have to be… actually it would be nothing.  I can not think of a thing I disliked about story.  I mean Anne gets in trouble but the way she gets in trouble is just another piece of Anne’s character because usually when she in hot water it was because she was trying to be good.

HIghly recommend for girls from ages 10 and up.  Boys might like it but it is a book of a girl in her world.   



Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you read and reviewed Anne of Green Gables. It is a wonderful book and it is always nice to see some attention on some of the oldies.
-Flirting with Fiction

Shannon McGee said...

I have been trying to do a mixture of new book, arcs and classics. Just so much to choose from. I always wanted to read Anne Of Green Gables and hope to some day finish the series. Maybe even see the PBS movie from the 80's.

Lisa Pottgen said...

I grew up watching the movies in the 80s and I adored them. I found the books in my school library in 2nd or 3rd grade and devoured them. I have reread these so many times i can start to recite lines by heart. Sadly, I got my own 2nd grade girl the box set for Christmas and she has absolutely no interest. I love this series and now i am going to have to reread them again.

Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

sarmila bajracharya said...

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