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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shannon's Review - I Cannot Sleep by Ann Louise Ramsey


Title: I Cannot Sleep
Series: N/A
Author: Ann Louise Ramsey
Genre: Picture Book, Children, Dogs
Publisher: Crow Peak Publishing
Received: From Author for Review
Release Date:  February 2013
Pages:  40


Official Website’s Of Ann Louise Ramsey:

Home Website





Shannon’s Thoughts:

Author Ann Louise Ramsey has written a story about her cocker spaniel, Honey.  Honey is full of energy after a big day she has trouble sleeping.  Honey thinks about how fun and joyful her day was until she falls to sleep.

The cover of the book is what caught my eye.  Inside I Cannot Sleep has the some real photographs with photoshop backgrounds, to make a unique story.  The story is cute and has an extra treat inside that including finding images of real birds in the book.  So not only is it a story but there is also a game of I Spy with birds.

There is really nothing I would change with this book.   Well except for a longer book. That is the way I feel with most good children books.    I Cannot Sleep is cute, pretty and colorful.


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