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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shannon's Review - Healing With The Arts by Michael Samuels and Mary Lockwood Lane

Title:  Healing With The Arts
Series:  N/A
Authors:  Michael Samuels and Mary Lockwood Lane
Genre:  Self Improvement, Art, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Atria Books/ Beyond Words
Received: NetGalley
Release Date: November 2013
Pages: 256

Author’s Websites:

Michael Samuels Official Site

Michael Samuels Blog

Mary Lockwood Lane Official Site

Shannon Thoughts:

Healing With The Arts is a is a creative art therapy book that spans over weeks.  Each week ends with an overview of the weekly art project shared in each chapter.  

Having been in a few places that have art therapy classes, I think this book is a treasure. The projects were not too hard and fun to do.  I love the idea of creating art from visualized mediation.  I feel that so much good can come from any form of art therapy, therefore this book has something special. I may not have done every project but I read them and visualized what it would be like to do them or teach them.  Healing With The Arts is a rare book because I don’t feel there are many based on arts healing people.

Since what I read was an advanced readers copy in ebook format there were errors and such.   I only assume they will be fixed in the actual copy that should be out now.

Healing With The Arts is great book for those looking to become more creative and is somewhat similar to books like, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.   It is also useful for art therapists that help those heal in hospitals or classes.

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