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Monday, September 9, 2013

Shannon's Review - The Ambassadors by Henry James

Title: The Ambassadors
Series: N/A
Author: Henry James
Genre: Classic, Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Received: Bought
Release Date: 1903
Pages: 582


Author’s Websites:


Shannon’s Thoughts:

A young man, Chad, has been traveling Europe ending up in Paris, France.  His family wants him home to the States as they fear France has corrupted him.

As you see above the rating for this is a one star and a DNF(Did Not Finish).  This is a first for me.  I really tried to get into The Ambassadors and to understand it.  I got to about 200 pages in and just could not continue.  Never have read a book like this where the words that are used I understand on their own but when they are combined with others I know do not comprehend  them together.

I do not know if it is just the way Henry James writes since this the first I have read by him but I will not be returning to this book again.


Elizabeth said...

Nice review.

Stopping by from Damian's post about a list of blog URL's.

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Bookworm1858 said...

I liked this author's Portrait of a Young Woman so I am interested in trying this one too though I know his writing can be difficult. Did you reference CliffNotes or anything? I find that helpful with classics some times!

Shannon McGee said...

I have never thought of using cliff notes but maybe that is a good idea. Thanks!