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Friday, June 28, 2013

Shannon's Review - Jane Austen by Peter Leithart

Title: Jane Austen
Series: Christen Encounter Series
Author: Peter Leithart
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Received: From Publishers
Release Date: March 2010
Pages: 175

Author’s Website:

Shannon’s Thoughts:

I received this biography on Jane Austen before I read Pride & Prejudice, which I did not like.  I kind of wish I had read this first because I had no idea that the book was somewhat a satire of the time Austen lived in.  She was well known by family and friends to have a delightful  sense of humor.  She began writing early in life and was from a family who loved to read which probably led to her love of telling stories.   Her work was not published until her 30’s but she always kept tweaking it.

After reading this book I feel I may read Pride & Prejudice again or even another of her works and maybe I will see it in a different light. I was also surprised at how many movies are a reworking of Austen’s work such as the movie Clueless was based on the novel Emma.

Really happy I read this and would like to read more from the Christian Encounters Series.

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