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Friday, May 31, 2013

Shannon's Review - The Secret Plot To Save The Czar by Shay McNeal

Title: The Secret Plot To Save The Czar
Series: N/A
Author: Shay McNeal
Genre: History, Royalty
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Received: Purchased
Release Date: October 2002
Pages: 368

Author’s Website:

Shannon’s Thoughts:

History of  the Romanovs has led to many stories of their death or possible “escape”. This book researches the possibility of certain family or friends that may have planned or just had in their power to try and save the last Tsar of Russia of eminent doom.

I got about halfway through the book and I understood the author was examining plots by many people to save the Tsar. Near the end I was able to follow because some of the story was told as a story. As I discussed the book with my husband he said it sounds like a scholarly book, which I have to agree with.

Most of book is a list of names and people would, or tried to save the Tsar.  The first half was more like putting a piece of furniture together.  Part A agrees with part B so they try to connect with Part C and it does not come together.   The second half of the book the was some familiarity as I read the last days of the Tsar and family then near the end it becomes similar to the beginning as we read about the theories of other books by other authors whether any of the family did survive.  

In all the book was too impersonable.  I wanted to know more what the author thought in the end.  I also wish the beginning had been written in a way that connected the story together and not just a bunch of names of people I did not know, although some I did.  

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