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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rebecca's Review - Pray For Silence by Linda Castillo

Title: Pray For Silence
Series: Kate Burkholder #2
Author: Linda Castillo
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Received: From Publicists
Release Date:
Pages: June 2010

Author’s Website:

Rebecca’s Thoughts:

An Amish family, all seven of them, are murdered. No, it is more than murdered. They are slaughtered after they are tortured. Who could have done such a thing and why? A former Amish chief of police has her hands full as her own past comes back to haunt her.
This is a pretty fast paced book with a storyline that will have you on the edge of the seat. I have to admit that I figured out the killer early on, but the twists and turns the story took kept me hooked and questioning myself about the crazy who could do such a thing. That was done very well as once I usually choose the culprit, I don’t waiver too much. This time I was all over the board though I kept coming back to the same one.
The characters are well done with depth and action. They have their own unique character traits that are well developed and draw you to them. The characters are very real. They could be your neighbors or your family members.
The writing style is well done. It is done in present tense when I honestly didn’t realize until I was a few chapters in. This is a style that is either done exceptionally well or horrible. This author nailed it. I have to admit that I looked for tense issues but didn’t find them. If they were there, I was too caught up in the story. It goes from third to first person but in a way that is not confusing or hinders your reading as it transitions.
There are some very sensitive topics in this book from hate crimes, rape, and bloody murder scenes. There is quite a bit of language including the F-bomb and some other crude words but they are not overly used. They are used as I would see these people doing in real life. The author did not put these words in for the sake of doing so or for shock value. They served a cultural and character purpose.
Excellent book. I loved it. I will be looking for more from this author. If you love crime novels, murder/mystery novels, or anything like these, check this book out. In addition to all that, you get insight into various cultures and have a great read.

Rebecca Graf
Author of Deep Connections

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