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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Salon - Showing Some Love

(art by me Shannon McGee image sold on Zazzle store Confuzzled Designs)

Well Valentine’s Day is coming up and it got me thinking about what do readers want to read on this blog.   Actually an article got me thinking...but anyway...I want to tell those of you that stop by and comment even if it only for a giveaway.   I am trying to get better at the replying to comments.  I don’t usually because I’d hate for it to sound generic and not heartfelt.

I have done many different events on this blog but I never got the feeling that they were well liked.
Unless I am talking about Refer A Book Friday which just made my to read list out of hand.  I wish I could still do it …*sigh*

There was also the Mystery Twitter Book Giveaway.  Where I would give everyone a sentence (on Twitter) from the first half of chapters in a book and people could guess or not guess and just see if it was a book they were interested in.
Then on Wednesdays I use to write fictional short stories called Confuzzled Stories featuring my Confuzzled Fae.

I guess why I am listing these is there something any of you miss from the blog or would like me to do.   I want make this something you want to read, make you feel good and keep coming back to.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

oh And

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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