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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shannon's Review - Seamus The Sheltie by James Beverly

Title: Seamus The Sheltie To The Rescue
Series: Seamus The Sheltie
Author: James Beverly
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Dogs
Publisher: Nightengale Media LLC Company
Received:  From Author For Review
Release Date: April 2011
Pages: 156

Shannon's Thoughts:
The stories of these adventures are fictional and based on the author’s dog, Seamus the Sheltie.  Seamus speaks a little differently than you and me.  He and most of the animals in the story have a child like speech that only when talking to each other and is understandable to them.  Seamus goes on many adventures saving or teaching the other animals lessons in being nice to each other.

The stories are sweet.   Especially any of the stories that feature a little puppy that need Seamus help or comfort.  

Sometimes the way the animal speak to each other, in a babyish talk, does confuse the brain.
I wasn’t a fan of the speech.  The author does explain in detail why Seamus and the animals talk to each other way they do.    It is (what I think)  suppose to be really cute fails as you continually read some of the repetitive sentences.  

All that being said I still did enjoy the stories and could feel the warmth that Seamus spreads.  I think children will enjoy Seamus’ adventures.


Official Seamus The Sheltie Website

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