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Monday, January 14, 2013

Shannon's Review - Love And Marriage Perspectives by Vince Brendan Vincents

Title: Love And Marriage Perspectives
Series: N/A
Author: Vince Brendan Vincents
Genre: Self Improvement, Relationships, Christian Inspiration
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Received:  From Author For Review
Release Date: April 2011
Pages: 344

My Thoughts:
Being married I thought I would be able to put some valuable input on this book review.  It was very informative and made me think about how I am as a person and how I am as a wife.   The book goes into the good and bad of marriages and basically tells you to set a plan for each scenario.  

There were some things I did and did not like about the book. One thing in particular that I liked and disliked was quote from the bible.  No where on the book does it say that the author will be using quotes from the bible about relationships to interpret.  It not just one or two quotes either it is the whole book.  Now sometimes I did not mind it and some of the scripture made feel hope for me and the human race but other times I felt well... preached at.

It was a quicker read than I thought.  The advice is broken up nicely and nothing too hard that you can not understand.  It just irks me that this should have been labeled a Christian Inspiration book not just Self Improvement.



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