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Monday, November 26, 2012

Shannon's Review - A First Christmas: Friends and Festivity by Sean Noonan

Title: A First Christmas: Friends and Festivity
Series: Adventures of Elannah and Sam
Author:  Sean Noonan
Genre: Holiday, Juvenile Fiction,
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Received: From author for review
Release Date:  September 2010
Pages: 146

What is it About?

Elannah and brother Sam enter the dreamy magical world to spread Christmas cheer.

My Thoughts:

In the dream world of Elannah and Sam they believe troll who has never had a Christmas should have a surprise Christmas party.  So the siblings get all their fantastical friends a Badger, a wizard, a hedgehog, dwarfs and so many more.   They decide to create the best Christmas party ever for the troll.  Along the way they have little side adventures.

This is the second book the in the Adventures of Elannah and Sam.   To be honest I read the first one but do not really remember the story except that they had flying bicycles.   I have a feeling that this book is going to disappear in my memory as well.    This a longer story than the first and I do like it.  It is cute that between chapter there are pictures done by author’s children the real Elannah and Sam.  I think kids will like this especially those that truly believe in imagination and magic.



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