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Monday, October 15, 2012

Review - The Fairy Godmother Academy #2 : Kerka's Book by Jan Bozarth

Title: The Fairy Godmother Academy #2: Kerka’s Book
Series: The Fairy Godmother Academy
Author: Jan Bozarth
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Random House Books For Young Readers
Received: Swap Site
Release Date: May 2010
Pages: 224

What is it About?

Kerka comes from a long line of Fairy Godmothers.  Her and her sister will also one day be fairy godmothers.    Kerka must go on a adventure to bring back her younger sister’s voice and bring her family together.

My Thoughts:

Technically this is Kerka’s second adventure into Aventurine.  She first traveled with Birdie in the first book of the fairy godmothers academy.   This time we learn about Kerkas’ family which is a long line of fairy godmothers including her mother who has passed on.   Her mother was suppose to teach her and her sisters the beginning training of being a fairy godmother.    

I enjoy this series.  I find it very different than most fairy series.  There is a lot of detail into each girls speciality.  The first book Birdie is a herbologist.  Kerka and her sisters study a dance with a special stick called a Kalis. Kerka is a very strong character she is not a afraid to get her hands dirty and cares very much for her sisters.  I can’t wait to read the next in the series.


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