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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Salon - Books Full of Art and Knowledge

Last weekend my hubby and I went to an art exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
I bought the book (image and name above) that went with the exhibit.  When you go to these side exhibits that are not there all the time you get a set a head phones that give you a personal tour of the exhibit.
I love books and seeing books with art a double plus.  Now Gauguin, Cézanne, and Matisse are not my favorite artist from that period I am a  fan of George Seurat.  Seurat does get talked about a little in the exhibit and book.  

This exhibit, called Visions Of Arcadia, were mostly painting of bathers in a garden of paradise (image below).  Some were just landscapes.

(The Large Bathers by Cezanne)
I wish I could tell you more about the history but I don't remember too much from the exhibit (sometimes I wish I had a photographic memory).   That is another reason I wanted the book.
I took art history class in college but frankly I remember none of it..well maybe a little.  Studying for a test was major pain but I still have fond memories about studying and being in the class.  

It was still fun and looking forward to go to another one soon. :-)

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