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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Review - Arthur: The Seeing Stone by Kevin Crossley- Holland

Title: Arthur: The Seeing Stone
Series: Arthur Trilogy #1
Author: Kevin Crossley- Holland
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Orion’s Children
Received: Bought
Release Date: January 2000
Pages: 338

What is it About?

Young Arthur de Caldicot is a kind-hearted boy who tries to help the his lower status friends with their chores. Which of course gets him in trouble with his father, Lord of this particular land. His father’s friend Merlin gives Arthur a special stone, within lies a strange story that involves Arthur but he does not understand how.

My Thoughts:

Arthur wants to be squire like his brother, so he can become the knight he dreams of being but his father has other plans for him. The strange but likable family friend, Merlin, has a present for Arthur. Something only Arthur can view. When he looks at the stone it tells a story (or is it actually history) that Arthur does not quite understand.

This is a very unique telling of pieces of the Arthurian myth that mixes in a new story that makes you wonder how the new connects with the myth. Going back forth between story was not confusing but made me wonder the true connect of Arthur(myth) or Arthur (who holds the seeing stone)
I hoped for more magic and more Merlin. Merlin was pretty silly sometimes.

While some of it was fun but some was not and I think Arthur’s family could have been introduced better because I would see a sibling pop up and not know he/she was a sibling.
In general the book was okay when I put it down I was that eager to pick back up which made me sad. I am curious about the rest of the series I may read the next one.


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