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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review - Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz

Title: The Serpent’s Kiss
Series: The Witches Of East End #2
Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Genre: Fantasy,
Publisher: Hyperion
Received: From publicist for review
Release Date: June 12 2012
Pages: 336

What is it About?

The magical Beauchamp family returns in this second book of The Witches of East End series. The main women of the family Freya, Ingrid and Joanna are goddesses or were once upon a time, now they are just powerful witches who can’t return to their world.  

Freya has secrets she is keeping from her family and fiancee,  Ingrid has fallen in love for the time in 100 of years or ever,and   Joanna is getting messages from the dead that has to decode.
Magic can help or hurt the family as old enemies draw nearer to the family.

My Thoughts:

This series uses mostly using Norse mythology to create it characters and stories.  It is just magical. I love how different the characters are from each other.  Freya character is sexy and holds secrets.  Her sister Ingrid is proper and helpful and their mother Joanna is the definition of mother.   They have lived centuries and died many times only yet to return to this world.

Only thing I feel unsure about was the characters of the pixies.  They were annoying and sometimes confusing.  That is probably the only thing I did not like.

This is one of my favorite series.  I have not read the series it is a spin off from, Blue Bloods, but I think I would enjoy the writing of that series as well.


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