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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Salon - Rubber Eraser Day

With so much tv and other forms of info talking about the anniversary of the Titanic going down.   I was wondering if today was known for anything else and to my surprise it is Rubber Eraser Day.   Today we celebrate the creation of the Eraser!   

Which actually I can connect to the Titanic because everyone would have liked to erase that iceberg it hit.....if only the eraser worked like that.

Speaking of thing we wish we could erase.  Is there one book or more you wish you could erase from memory?   Or are there ones you wish your brain did not erase as well as it did?

I have a few I wish I did not read but I really wish my brain would not erase so good ones that I will want to reread now like Les Misrables.   I recently watched the movie and was like who is that person and I don’t remember her growing up.   Totally erase the book from memory.


Nose in a book said...

I wish I could erase this old hardback book called Mysteries that my brother and sister and I used to pore over because it will full of really freaky pictures that still pop up in my nightmares!

As for books I wish I could remember better...I went through a phase of reading classics in my early teens and devoured loads of Great Books but remember next to nothing about them. Guess I'll just have to re-read!

Anonymous said...

With all the cute and pretty scented erasers, that's a fun day to celebrate :D

I remember when I was pregnant with my second son, I loved reading Crime Thrillers, however I had to stop. I just couldn't get the scenes out of my head and I felt weird reading them and having a little life inside me growing.

One book I most certainly could do without is : A Child Called It. That was sooo horrific I actually couldn't finish it. I just would sit and cry over that!