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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review - The Marriage Bundle by Earlene Gleisner

Title: The Marriage Bundle
Series: The Sacred Bundle #1
Author: Earlene Gleisner
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Magic Valley Publishers
Received: From Author for Review Purposes
Release Date: January 2011
Pages: 388

What is it About?
Selena and her girlfriend are learning the healing properties of their own inner power with new age magick.   They also trying to find healthy relationship with men.

My Thoughts:

Reminiscent to the new age quests that Lynn V. Andrews writes about.  The story is realistic except for the scenes with the ouija board.  Any one that usually uses a ouija board knows that you don’t really get crystal clear messages as the characters seemed to have but that being said it is fictional so maybe that is a little nitpicky.  

I enjoyed reading the vision quests that main character Selena went on and the channeling of different people.  The book kept everybody on their toes and the reader as well.  I am interested it what will happen in the next book.


Official Marriage Bundle Site

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