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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review - Pirates Of The Caribbean : Price Of Freedom

Title: Pirates Of The Caribean: The Price Of Freedom
Series: Pirates Of The Caribeen
Author: A.C. Crispin
Genre: Fantasy, Disney,
Publisher: Disney Edition
Received: By Author For Review Purposes
Release Date: May 2011
Pages: 653

What is it About?

A prequel about Jack Sparrow gaining the title Captain.  Magic, Romance and Action ensue

My Thoughts:

Picturing Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was easy to do with this book.  It very much seems like things that Jack would do and would not do.    Jack point of view about slaves really showed how he walks on a line between good or bad.

The mythology behind the magic, and history of the African island which was a little like Egypt also.   It was fun to read about the lore but sometimes seemed hard to believe.

Part of the story I did not like was the man who was giving Jack his job on the ship.  The point of view would go to the boss and he would think of his backstory and then the book would go into the boss’ past.  This part of the book I could not picture having stayed in if it was made a movie.  It also just seemed pointless.


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