Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review - Brave Rooney by Gerry Renert

Title: Brave Rooney
Author: Gerry Renert
Genre: Children Book, Interactive Story
Publisher: ?
Received: in PDF form from author
Release Date: 2011

What is it About?
An interactive story about a regular boy who goes to school with superheroes.

My Thoughts:

Unfortunately this book is only available on iPad or iPhones.  The author gave me a chance to read the story in PDF format but I do think I missed some things without the interaction. That is why I can not give a full five stars.   I can not afford an iPad or iPhone so I think this will hurt the readership of the book because it is not something that can be read many places. If you watch the trailer you get feel for how the book is really suppose to be seen.

The story and art is cute and whimsical.  It is about a regular young boy who goes to school with superheroes but he becomes the real superhero to them.  I would have also liked more description but that is not what this book is about it is about the interaction.  For kids who are growing up in this technical advanced world it will be a fun read from what I can see but I really wish there was a way I could download the app/story on my laptop so I could get the full effect.
But if you have an iPad maybe something you want to check out for the kids.




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