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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Salon - When I am not Reading ... there is Art.

Dreamcatcher and Love Birds made by (me) Shannon McGee

So I haven't been reading as much even with the read - a - thon  I only read a chapter of one of the books.   I have just been feeling more creative and need to paint or draw.  So I have been working on my Etsy store and Zazzle stores Confuzzled Designs.

I just haven't been finding the book that really keep me interested or worth continuing.   I hate saying that because usually I am happy to read anything.  Lately it is hard to feel happy about much.  I get like that though.   I paint to feel better somedays it works if the painting is going well and turns out well some days it doesn't but art is one of those things that I feel I was given.  It feels right to do.   Reading is just something I like.   I keep trying to come back to this because I have so many Arcs to read and that I said I would.   It just hard because I don't feel like I get much in return from this blog.   Well that is how I feel now maybe it will change tomorrow or next week or who knows.  I don't want to give this blog up because I have done so much with it..

Speaking of art  Love Stuff done like this


kavyen said...

Love your artwork. Did you use watercolor? How long does it take to create one such art work... Great!!!

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

Thank you kavyen! I not really good with watercolor, haven't practice with it enough. The image in this post was made on the computer with adobe photoshop. If I am not using the computer then I usually go to the cheap craft acrylics to paint on wood.