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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review - Painted Bride Quarterly : Print Annual 1

Title: Painted Bride Quarterly : Print Annual 1
Series: Painted Bride Quarterly
Author: Various
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Painted Bride Quarterly
Received: Free for Review
Release Date: February 2003
Pages: 313

What is it About?

A book of various authors poetry, essays and interviews.

My Thoughts:

Most of the poetry in this edition I don’t feel I really grasped the sense of what the author was trying to bring across but the few gems I did really stood out. Poetry about the meaning of being in this world by Katrine Marie Gulager. The somewhat humorous poem “Male Gorillas” by Ruth Stone. Humor and poetry are something I am never sure about. I think the author means it to be funny and I like that because it seems different with poetry and there were a few poems like that. Including one made up interview with Popeye’s Olive Oil.

I give the rating to the poems I liked in this one which are only a handful and there are a lot in here. The ones I related to where just so good that I could not see giving it low stars because I did not understand the rest.


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