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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Get Your Blog Featured Links

After reading a guest post by Issy Eyre of Fennel & Fern on,  on Use Showcase Sites To Boost Your Blog’s Readership.  I became curious to know what sites out there might showcase book bloggers.   The article mentions a few sites on Gardening and Cooking but nothing on book blogging.

So here is what I came up with in my search. I am sure I am missing someone so if you feature book bloggers or bloggers of any type in a spotlight please let me know I will add you to the list.

Here is a site I was given to go to help promote my art work by children’s author Donna Perugini the site is called The  True this cancels out the boys but I think the majority of us book bloggers are female.  Now I have not seen a book blogger featured on this site but I think it might be open.  They feature a blogger every week day and do have a book club.  You have to fill out a form and follow some steps.

You can also go to Parajunkee’s View who partners up with Alison Can Read to feature two book bloggers every Friday in there Follow Friday linkup.

This one I don’t know how you get featured but I know she does feature book bloggers.  The Parchment Girl features book bloggers on which doesn’t seem like a set day but she has a nice site and all of the blogs mentioned are well written.

Now I haven’t been featured yet at any of these sites but will appear at one soon.;-)

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