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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review - Mystic Phyles: Beasts by Stephanie Brockway & Ralph Masiello

 Beasts (Mystic Phyles)

Title: Mystic Phyles: Beasts #1
Series: Mystic Phyles
Authors: Stephanie Brockway & Ralph Masiello
Genre: Juvenile, Fantasy
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Received: From Publicist for review
Release Date: July 2011   
Pages: 144

What is it About?

This book is the journal of Abigail Thaddeus.  A young girl who parents mysteriously died so she now lives with her grandparents.   She suddenly receives letters telling her to study up on certain mythologies and to be prepared for adventure.

My Thoughts:

Not only is this book entertaining in story but you get to learn about the mythology of different beasts. Chock-ful of pictures lists and mystical mysteries after your finished you are eagerly awaiting for the next book.

I especially enjoyed learning about beasts that I had never heard of before such as the Barometz.  It is a plant with the head and ears of new born lamb. Of course this plant has another name that is better known.  If you are curious then pick up this journal of Abigail Thaddeus but be for-warned  for the adventure you will take will leave you asking more questions then there are answers.

Of course I am doubly excited for the next book which hints that it has to do with fairies.  So you know I will be picking it up.


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