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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Books To Talk About - This Doesn't Happen In The Movies

Books To Talk About

Old crime noir movies--let’s say Humphrey Bogart in the Maltese Falcon--what does a film like that make you expect from current mystery novels, if anything? If the mystery you are reading is set in the present day, what would you not expect from it? Would there still be a femme fatale pulling the sheet over the detectives’ eyes until the very end? What would it take to turn a detective as smooth as Sam Spade into a more realistic present day detective?

This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies is a detective novel that pays humorous homage to the likes of Humphrey Bogart. Adding present day technology, wanna-be detective Reed Ferguson and a group of likable characters steal the headlines in This Doesn’t Happen In The Movies.

1) When you think of Humphrey Bogart mystery movies, which ones stands out the most?

2) What kind of things happen in mystery movies that you don’t think happen in real life detective or P.I. cases?



Gigi Ann said...

This sounds like a fun mystery book to read. Have you reviewed it yet?

"Confuzzled" Shannon said...

No I haven't reviewed. It does sound fun though. So far the other reviews for it are doing well.