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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review :The Hedge Knight by George R.R. Martin

The Hedge Knight - Second Edition [Graphic Novel]
Title: The Hedge Knight
Series: Song of Ice and Fire
Author: George R. R. Martin
Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy
Publisher: Dabel Brothers Productions
Received: Library
Release Date: March 2005   
Pages: 164

What is it About?

A squire to a knight loses his knight, and decides to become one himself.

My Thoughts:

Having not read or seen any of the other parts of the Song of Ice and Fire series this is nice story to start out with.   In some ways this story reminded me of the movie A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger but then it is different.

Instead of having funny sidekicks there is just Egg,  Duncan the Tall’s new squire,  a young boy who does not listen well and talks back a little and has something mysterious about him.    Duncan who has yet to make a name for himself as a knight struggles with being the kind that someone could look up to.

This first part of the graphic novel ends on a cliff hanger so as to what happens.  Alas I do not know because my library does not have the second part yet.  The first part is light-hearted and amusing. Other reviews hint at Duncan’s tale not going so well in the end.  So my curiosity is peaked and I will probably try harder to find the second part and read on.


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