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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Ellie and the Elven King by Helen Rosburg

 Ellie and the Elven King

Title: Ellie And The Elven King
Series: N/A
Author: Helen Rosburg
Genre: Romance, Picture Book
Publisher: Medallion Press
Received: Purchased
Release Date: November 2003   
Pages: 85

What is it About?
Ellie’s inherits her sister horse farm that they loved as children.  She finds a new world of magic awaiting her.

My Thoughts:

At the moment I am not a fan of romance.  I do try and just hope that is that I haven’t found the right one or series.  This one was not the right one.

What drew me to it was the cover  and I purchased this at the very first FaerieCon.  The mixture of photo and illustration is beautiful  but the story of Ellie and her Elven King lacks something.
Even when it try to be funny it is just off.   

Ellie inherits her sister’s horse farm and her Elven husband, the King of Elves.  See even there doesn’t that sound strange.  What is even stranger to me is that Ellie is already married.  Sure he’s not a nice guy but she married him for some reason right?

I like the idea of grown up picture books but I have yet to find one that is something I would want to keep.   I also love the idea of fantasy with romance but I just did not love this.  It was awkward and disheartening.  I had no feeling for the characters or the story.  The best thing is the art.


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