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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last Golden Egg by Odette B. Lezama Rodriguez

The Last Golden Egg


Title: The Last Golden Egg
Series: N/A
Author: Odette B. Lezama Rodriguez
Genre: Children’s Book, Fairy Tale
Publisher:  Outskirt Press
Received: From author for Review
Release Date: January 2011   
Pages: 34

What is it About?
A King that keeps a golden egg that holds the hope of the Kingdom needs a new caregiver for the egg.  Figuring that the most trustworthy would be a young child a caretaker is picked but only to be set up by a swindler that steals the egg.  The young boy must prove his innocence.

My Thoughts:

Having a very fairy tale feel the story is told in a lengthy format with much description.   A Kingdom with a Golden Egg of Hope is a interesting concept that loses something in the telling of the story.

A young peasant boy is asked to be caretaker of the egg but is set up by a thief who steals the egg and the blame goes on the boy.  The boy pleads his innocence and his animal friends help him to prove what is right.

The story doesn’t flow that smoothly and at times can be confusing.  In the beginning the animals friends are mentioned only in name but you don’t know that they are animals until later.   It does have a hopeful feel to it but lacks direction in some places and some editing.

I think it to be a original tale that should have been a wonderful tale of hope throughout the kingdom not tale a of trustworthiness.  It just seems that it would be right if you have a tale of a Golden Egg of Hope that you make your about the hope through out the kingdom and I just did not feel that this story did that.


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