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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Josephine's Imagination by Arnold Dobrin

Title: Josephine’s Imagination   
Series: N/A
Author: Arnold Dobrin
Genre: Children’s Book,  Picture Book
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Received: Swap site
Release Date: April 1991
Pages: 44

What is it About?

A young girl from Haiti wants a doll to play with but her parents don’t have the money to spend.  She learns to use her imagination to make one.

My Thoughts:

What a wonderfully imaginative story about a little girl wanting a doll but can’t afford one! She meets a man at the market who use his imagination to make things.  Josephine wonders if she can do the same.

The art is just right and would even tell the tale without words.  The mixture of black and white illustrations and color are interesting contrasts.

There is a lot of descriptive detail that can be boring but because you want to know how she is going get her doll keeps it interesting. The book shows that all children big and small can use their imagination to come up with the most exciting things and what a wonderful thing imagination is!



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