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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harmony by C.F. Bentley



Title: Harmony   
Series: Has sequel titled Enigma
Author: C.F. Bentley
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Publisher: DAW     
Received: From Publisher for Review purposes
Release Date: August 2008
Pages: 400

What is it About?

Harmony is a planet in danger.  Sissy is connected to Harmony in ways only others who control the planet hope to be.   She is in tune to it’s senses and Jake another being from another planet destiny is connected to her, if only he could change his ways to better the planet along with Sissy who needs all the help she can get.

My Thoughts:

This book touched me in so many ways a that fantasy/ sci-fi book usually does not.  

Sissy feeling in tune to the crystals of the planet Harmony is only the beginning of the journey.  Even she does not know what her gift mean.  She is born a lower class then the priestesses whom she now lives with and they do not know what to make of her but only know of the prophecy of a child born with call caste/or marking of class.   This person is Sissy.  A girl who doesn’t want the the responsibilities that come with her power with Harmony because she doesn’t feel good enough.

Then there is Jake a guy down on his luck. Likely to be killed unless he does what he is told by people with power from another planet. they want what is special to Harmony.  A Crystal or metal made on the planet.  Jake pretend to be someone on Harmony and find his destiny lies with Sissy.  Together they find truths about Harmony and themselves.

I found the fantasy of this story That melded into truths we don’t see and the lies that are told to hide the truths to be and inspiring read.  As Sissy and Jake fight for the family they have made they bring hope to Harmony.  I am eager to know what happens in the sequel to this book which is called Enigma.


C.F. Bentley  Official Site

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