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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Change Yourself, Change The World - A World Without Books

This Weeks Post is about Being Creative with Out Reading-

Because of the book The Artist Way I participated in an exercise to not read for a week.  I still can't not read until Sunday.  While it hasn't been that hard because I also got sick the same week it hasn't been easy either my go to is "Oh what should I do?" *grabs a book* has become "Oh what should I do?" *grabs food* . Not good if you are trying to lose weight which I am.

The idea behind not reading someone else words were to gain some inner wisdom. I am still searching for what exactly that was and only think that because I got sick and had hard time just being sick.  By that I mean it was hard for me to not do anything or to feel not worried about anything but getting better.   I always worry about what I have to do before I do it so much that ...well I make myself sick before I can do it or I get so overwhelmed thinking about the should dos that I just don't do.
Anyway I can say I learned to relax ...maybe a little and maybe that was all I need.  

Have you read/ seen anything this week that inspired you to do something?

Well I haven't read anything except The Artist Way... The Artist's Way but I did see something that was inspiring..
Some of you may have seen this little boy was on Yahoo's Shine

I thought this was adorable and can only hope my someday kids will be ..or  I hope to encourage them to be this way.  I hope he feels that way always.

How are you helping others?

Well by not going to an appointment I had I think I saved some people from getting sick when I had a fever.  So I think that helped someone this week. lol

What are you trying to prove?

Just like the kid said "That I can be the best I can be".  Of course I mean when I am well.

How about you?? What have you done this week to make a difference in yourself or with others?

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