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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Franklin And The Tooth Fairy by Paulette Bourgeouis

Franklin and the Tooth Fairy


Title: Franklin And The Tooth Fairy
Series: Franklin
Authors: Paulette Bourgeouis
Genre: Children Book, Picture Book
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
Received: From Swap site
Release Date: February 1996
Pages: 32

What is it About?
Franklin’s friends all know about the tooth fairy but Franklin has never heard of her.

My Thoughts:
At first my thoughts of this book was that it wasn’t that good but now I think of it more fondly.  

Franklin and his innocence of not knowing of the tooth fairy because turtle do not have teeth.   His friend Bear looses his first tooth to make room for his growing up teeth.   To Franklin this is a sign that Bear is growing up.   So if Franklin does not have teeth how can he ever grow up.  That is the dilemma that Franklin asks his parents.

There were some different and creative tooth fairies in this book I only got the money tooth fairy but apparently for some of Franklin’s received gifts or money.  So I guess you never know what tooth fairy your going to get as a child but good to know the tooth fairy has expanded her realms of gifts.

Now that I think of the book after a couple of days there is a fondness to it that think children will find too.


Author Paulette Bourgeouis Official Site

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