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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fairy School : Fairy Cloud Parade by Gail Herman

Fairy Cloud Parade (Fairy School)

Title: Fairy Cloud Parade
Series: Fairy School       
Author: Gail Herman
Genre: Children Book , Chapter Book
Publisher: Skylark
Received: Swapsite
Release Date: May 1999   
Pages: 80

What is it About?

Olivia is one of the best students at fairy school but she is a little distracted to come up with a new cloud shape because her parents are expecting a twin fairy babies who are more then a handful.

My Thoughts:
What sibling wouldn’t be distracted by the thought of a new baby brother or sister?  For Olivia it’s become more than just a distraction. As a full time baby sitter of her twin brother and sister Olivia’s school work starts to falter.   She has to come up with a new cloud shape for the school’s contest and she just started a new art class.

This book is too cute for words.  As we learn how fairy babies are born in the Fairy School series and how much trouble they can get into we delve into the fun that is the Fairy School world.  As usual all the Fairy School friends get together to help Olivia in any way possible and she needs it.

Another Delightful tale in the collection.  Fun to read and imagine.



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