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Friday, June 24, 2011

Airy Fairy : Magic Mess by Margaret Ryan

Magic Mess! (Airy Fairy)


Title: Magic Mess
Series: Airy Fairy
Author: Margaret Ryan
Genre: Children Book, Chapter Book
Publisher:  Barron’s Educational Series
Received: Swapsite
Release Date: April 2005

What is it About?
Airy Fairy is trying her best to tackle Fairy school and her classes.  Now she has to get her room cleaned, decorate it and think of a present for her teacher.  All with a limited amount of spells, and Airy is not too good with spells.

My Thoughts:
Airy Fairy is essential good fairy who tries her best, gets it wrong and then somehow always gets it right in the end.  Even though she is picked on, messes up her spells and is the clumsiest fairy.

The books are cute and teach children to keep trying and eventually you will get something right even if it does not go as planned.  I am not big fan of the doodle art that is on the cover and in the books.  I guess it is suppose to look childlike and free flowing like Airy Fairy.

They are chapter books so these books are short but sweet and are creative little stories.


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